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Our company

De Looff Lily Innovation is a family company located in Koudekerke. At the moment the company is managed by the three brothers Tonny, Martin and Johan. The company is found by father Cornelis (Kees) de Looff. The company started in the fruit trade and switched Later to the flower production.

In 1974, Kees de Looff and his three sons had a business specific in producing lilies and ornamental thistles. The quality was always number one for de Looff and they produced always the newest lily cultivars from the breeders. In 1993 de Looff started to breed their own lilies.

In 1997 a freak of nature led de Looff discover a double/stuffed flowered lily in the seed resulting from their hybridising effort. The seedling itself wasn’t commercially valuable, but it provided enough potential to use it for more hybridising. This resulted later in an own double/stuffed flowered lily breeding program.

Currently the main focus of de Looff is to develop new double/stuffed flowered lily varieties. The production of the double/stuffed flowered lily varieties are managed by a growers association named Rose Lily. And in collaboration with renowned export companies the double/stuffed flowered Rose Lily varieties are for sale all over the world.

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© 2024, De Looff Lily Innovation
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